Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire students to

 Dream, teach them to

 Unite with others, and give them the confidence to

 Venture out of their comfort zones so they can

 Achieve their goals and successfully

 Lead their own lives, and be leaders at home, at school, and in the community. 


  • Soccer Champs!

    Congratulations to Duval Middle-School's Soccer Team!!

    Lincoln County Champs 2019!!


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  • Sponsered By Dollar General

    A big thanks to Dollar General for sponsoring Duval Pk-8 and donating books for our library, and donating prizes.

Classroom Directory


Angela Stewart
Skylar Tomblin

First Grade

Shawnda Whitten

Lisa Brock

Second Grade

Amber Noble

Allison Bell

Third Grade

Brian Marshall

Ashley McDavid

Fourth Grade

Pauline Wiley

Rebecca Nelson

FIfth Grade

Laura Matthews

Jo Ellen Boback

Social Studies Department

Sabrina Ruth

Tyler Woolwine

Science Department

Misty Tully

Ashley Stender

Math Department

Julie Johnson

Jeremy Lawson

Jerry Sansom

Darlene Tackett


English Department

6th Grade

Beverly Brown

Shelley Campbell

7th Grade

Beverly Brown 

Shelley Campbell

Sarah Dunlap

Ashley Pritt

8th Grade

Sarah Dunlap

Ashley Pritt



Related Arts

Justin Keaton-Health

Jacob Terry- Middle School Music/Band

Randall Peters-Elementary Music

Brandon Smith-Middle School-Art

Mr. Starcher-Gym




Lorry Curry


  • New jerseys New year!
    100%, 100% of the time! Go Duval Yellow Jackets!
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